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Together with our partners Carbon Neutral every GreenBox stored with us we will plant a tree on your behalf in the Yarra Yarra biodiversity corridor! We also calculate and off set the carbon emissions in our facility where your belongs are stored. When making your booking don’t forget you can purchase extra tree(s) and contribute to the harmful carbon emissions from your delivery/re- delivery.

As a young business we are constantly reviewing  ways of reducing our carbon foot print, it is our aim to be completely carbon neutral when we have established ourselves in the market. To see the great work Carbon Neutral carry out and where your tree(s) are being planted please click here.

Our GreenBoxes are the perfect size! A single GreenBox typically accommodates a room to a room and a half of household belongings. A GreenBox is perfect for furniture storage and can easily fit large furniture, including king size mattresses!

Each GreenBox is 2.4m long, 1.5m wide, and 2.2m high externally, and 2.32m long, 1.46m wide, and 1.98m high internally. The door to each GreenBox is also large enough for easy access and can hold up to 1 tonne in weight!

Learn more about the GreenBox or contact us today!

Each GreenBox is made from tough, durable wood that creates a sturdy, secure structure. The wood is designed to be breathable to prevent moisture getting trapped inside your GreenBox. Each GreenBox is further protected with a heavy duty, waterproof cover to ensure your belongings stay dry.

Yes, the GreenBox is protected with a heavy-duty waterproof cover. GreenBoxes are also stored off the ground, so your belongings will stay nice and dry.

Each GreenBox can hold up to one tonne of weight, so you can pack it knowing it’s not going to break under the weight of your belongings.

The GreenBox is lockable, so make sure you utilise a high-quality padlock. You can purchase a lock from our facility, or you can provide your own lock to secure your GreenBox. The GreenBox is made from durable and protective materials. If you’d like further protection for your belongings, you can purchase insurance from our facility for the items you’ve stored in your GreenBox.

Greenboxes are delivered to your nominated address free of charge . Re-delivery charges may be  applicable for storage periods under 6 months. Click here for more info.

Don’t  stress-  if your GreenBox is on private property you can load and unload in your own time. We will pick up your GreenBox when you are ready to store at out facility. All we need is a height clearance of 2.3m, a width clearance of 1.6m if delivering to the entrance of the driveway or 2.5m if delivering down a driveway.

If we can’t deliver your GreenBox Off Street than we can deliver your GreenBox on a registered trailer. These normally do not require permits, however normal parking restrictions do apply. A GreenBox requires 1.5 car spaces and you have 24hours to load/unload.

As with regular Self Storage, it is the storer’s (customers) responsibility  to ensure their belongings are insured whilst in storage. Once notified, most insurers will cover you under your own house and contents insurance policy. For peace of mind and minimum monthly amounts GreenBox can happily arrange cover for you through QBE insurance. Please click here for insurance quotes or click here for a insurance brochure.

Absolutely – you can access your GreenBox anytime during businesses hours, Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm  and Saturday 9am – 2pm . All we need is 24 hours notice so our warehouse team can prepare your GreenBox for you. To access your Greenbox click here or call us on 1300 282 943

You certainly can – for storage under 6 months we charge a check out fee of $50 per Greenbox and free if you store with us for over 6 months.

Whilst its not a service we directly offer we understand that some of our customers would love help with packing and unpacking your GreenBox .We have teamed up with Eco removals who share the same green philosophy as we do. Mention us and receive a special GreenBox discount on the hourly rate! 

Once you have booked your GreenBox simply call Eco Removals and let them know when you would like your GreenBox(s) packed. Don’t forget to have your items wrapped and packed beforehand to make it as easy as possible for the removalists.  If you do require packing supplies please call us on 1300 282 934 we have everything you need to keep your belonging safe and sound!

When the time comes to say goodbye to your GREENBOX please give us at least 5 business days notice. We always do our best to deliver on your preferred date and time and the more notice we get the more likely this is. To arrange re delivery simply click here

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