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Want to learn more about the GreenBox?

Not to brag, but our boxes have some pretty unique features:
  • Weather-proof covers

    The GreenBox is raised off the ground and protected with a heavy duty waterproof cover.

  • Tough structure

    The GreenBox is made from a durable wood composite that’s designed to be breathable.

  • Only you have access

    You have the only the key and we’ll never open your GreenBox without your permission.

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  • Selected access

    Only you or the people you give keys to can access your GreenBox.

  • Conveniently sized

    Each GreenBox can conveniently fit within an average sized car park.

  • GreenBox is Green

    Every Greenbox we deliver plants a tree in the Yarra Yarra biodiversity corridor. Once collected your belongings are stored in our secure carbon neutral facility. We also give you the option to purchase a tree(s) to contribute to the offsetting of harmful carbon emissions from your delivery/re-delivery.

About the GreenBox | GreenBox | Mobile Storage Made Easy

How much can fit into 1 GreenBox?

With internal measurement of 2.32m long, 1.46m wide, and 1.98m high, a GreenBox is designed to fit large items of furniture, such as king sized beds, fridges, and couches, with enough room to store plenty of extras.

On average, a GreenBox can hold about one or one and a half rooms’ worth of stuff. Each GreenBox can hold up to one tonne of weight, so you can fit plenty of bulky items in a single GreenBox without making it too heavy.